Труды симпозиума "Interval Mathematics 1985"

Interval Mathematics 1985




  1   H. Engels and D. an May  Interpolation of an Interval-Valued Function for Arbitrarily Distributed Nodes

 11   H. Fischer  Acceptable Solutions of Linear Interval Integral Equations

 17   Y. Fujii, K. Ichida, and M. Ozasa  Maximization of Multivariable Functions Using Interval Analysis

 27   E. Gardeñes, H. Mielgo, and A. Trepat  Modal Intervals: Reason and Ground Semantics

 37   J. Garloff  Convergent Bounds for the Range of Multivariate Polynomials

 57   T. Giec  On an Interval Computational Method for Finding the Reachable Set in Time-Optimal Control Problems

 67   H. Kolacz  On the Optimality of Inclusion Algorithms

 81   Krawczyk  Interval Operators and Fixed Intervals

 95   F. Krückeberg  Arbitrary Accuracy with Variable Precision Arithmetic

103   S. Markov and R. Angelov  An Interval Method for Systems of ODE

109   A. Neumaier  Linear Interval Equations

121   K. Nickel  How to Fight the Wrapping Effect

133   M.S. Petkovic, Z.M. Mitrovic, and L.D. Petkovic  Arithmetic of Circular Rings

143   L.B. Rall  Improved Interval Bounds for Ranges of Functions

157   J. Rohn  Inner Solutions of Linear Interval Systems

159   K.D. Schmidt  Embedding Theorems for Cones and Applications to Classes of Convex Sets Occurring in Interval Mathematics

175   Shen Zuhe  Interval Test and Existence Theorem

197   P. Thieler  Technical Calculations by Means of Interval Matematics

209   You Zhaoyong, Xu Zongben, Liu Kunkun  Generalized Theory and Some Specializations of the Region Contraction Algorithm I-Ball Operation

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